Meeting request emails you can send to leads and customers

Whether you’re writing cold meeting request emails or reaching out to an existing customer, it can be hard to know what to say. It’s hard enough just getting people to read an email. So how do you ask someone to take time out of their busy day to meet with you?  In this article we’ll show you the (click to read more)


How to Build a Six-Figure Coaching Business in 2021

Coaching is one of the most prominent business ideas in 2021. Be it online or offline—coaching holds tremendous power to help people achieve their goals and earn money while teaching them what you love. It doesn’t require a lot of investment, and thanks to the new trend of online coaching, it’s not location dependent and (click to read more)


3 Essential Marketing Strategies to Beat Competition In a Crowded Market

Marketing strategies are constantly evolving with changes to the technology that supports them. For example, the recent iOS 14 privacy updates have made it more difficult to access user data, forcing companies to take new approaches. A savvy marketer makes sure they’re aware of the latest techniques to attract and engage an audience. Advertisers can (click to read more)


Art of the interview request: How to invite a candidate to interview with you

If you’re wondering how to invite a candidate to interview with you, the secret is nailing your interview request. This phase begins after candidates have submitted their resume and contact information. Someone on your team has decided that they qualify to proceed to the next stage. Usually the interview invitation goes out via email with instructions on scheduling a (click to read more)


22+ Best Productivity Apps for Business in 2021

This article will highlight the best productivity apps of 2021. This way you know exactly what your options are and can start making improvements today. We’ve all had those days at work where we tried to stay productive but only managed to stay busy. This is especially common when our to-do lists are overloaded and poorly organized. We (click to read more)


The easiest way to schedule a meeting online… without psychic powers

It’s amazing how much time can be lost on trying to schedule a meeting. You want to connect, so you check your calendar and send someone a few time slots to pick from. But your client or colleague isn’t available that day. They pitch you an alternative set of times that won’t work for you either… and (click to read more)


How Can Online Appointment Scheduling Increase Your Business Growth?

Some traditional business practices will never fade out of style. When you think about it, nothing beats a firm handshake, a smile that inspires confidence, and excellent customer service. But we live in a time where technology can make it easier for genuine human connection to happen. That’s why automated appointment scheduling has become so important (click to read more)


Master the art of Zendesk scheduling with Appointlet + Zapier

Are you using Zendesk Support and looking for a scheduling solution? In the solution outlined here, you’ll be able to offer escalated support and keep track of the relationship between tickets and meetings. Any time you share a scheduling link, the attendee’s response will be sent back into their initial Zendesk ticket as a private (click to read more)


How to schedule and host online lessons as an instructor

In this article we’ll review a technique for scheduling online lessons with Appointlet and hosting them on Lessonspace. For a limited time, you’ll get 25% off your Lessonspace subscription when you redeem the codeword Appointlet here. The spectre of covid has challenged and transformed our global education infrastructure this year, driving teachers and instructors to (click to read more)


What to do when Gmail signature is not showing up

If you work in a customer facing position at a company using Gmail, setting up a Gmail signature could save you lots of time. You will be able to include information like your name, position at the company, phone number and a link to your online scheduling page. This text is automatically loaded at the (click to read more)