Help Desks: Be lazy and productive at the same time with Autofilled Forms

Organizations often set up help desk representatives to schedule meetings on behalf of their clients. If the help desk’s browser has autofill turned off, they will have to enter client information manually each time they book. What a drag!

With autofill turned on, your booking data will be stored and accessible. The next time that customer books with your organization, you’ll be presented with a dropdown list of options as soon as you start typing.

In this example, five previous bookings were made with email addresses where “test” was the opening word. I only need to type the letter “t” to be presented with all of my prior attendee email addresses.

Access and Turn on Autofill in Google Chrome

To access Chrome’s auto-fill setting, open the browser and type in this URL: chrome://settings/autofill

You will see the following screen. Simply toggle the feature on:

Turning on Autofill in Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer

These other browsers seem to have better documentation for their autofill features. We will provide links to each browser’s knowledge base article here to ensure that you get the most up-to-date information.

Firefox – Saving Web Form Entries

Safari – Change Autofill Preferences

Internet Explorer 11 – Fill out Web Forms


Ezra Sandzer-Bell