It’s a party: Invite unlimited admin users for FREE!

It’s a new year – what better way to celebrate it than with your friends and coworkers? With Appointlet’s Team Access feature, account owners can invite an unlimited number of users for free. Woohoo!

Once you’ve invited users to your account, they will be able to log in to the dashboard. With the modify settings property, you can control their access to organization settings. By turning booking emails on, the user will receive all booking confirmation emails that come through the organization.

Advantages to Inviting Admin Users

  1. Access the bookings dashboard to find out who has been booked across the organization. Option to confirm, decline, and cancel bookings.
  2. Harness Appointlet’s CSV data export feature to generate usage reports for business development.
  3. Help other team members create, configure, or clean up their profiles.
  4. Manage the services dashboard and make updates as needed.
  5. Access the share feature and generate custom booking page links.

Make sure you prepare!

A party is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. If you’re going to invite people to your organization, be sure they are trained on how to use it. Like a drunk person knocking things over at your party, admin users have the ability to edit and delete content. Prevent that from happening by walking them through the software ahead of time!

If you want to train up your new admin users but don’t have time to do it yourself, consider sending them to this Appointlet Quick Start video tutorial series. It will cover all the basics and familiarize them with how to perform all the core actions in the app.

Already have an account and ready to invite your new users? Here’s a knowledge based article covering the Team Access modal and how to use it.


Ezra Sandzer-Bell