Collect meeting feedback with a follow-up from SurveyGizmo

There are several reasons to set up post-meeting surveys with Appointlet, ranging from improved customer support to product marketing research. When attendees vent frustrations about a meeting, your support team can be notified to step in. On the other hand, positive feedback can help to boost team morale. Your marketing team can use this voice of customer data to understand the words and concepts that define their experience, lending to the creation of more effective advertising campaigns. Appointlet makes it easy to integrate with third party survey software, so you can automate the process and save time as a company.

Follow-up surveys for online scheduling

Let’s start with a quick overview on the attendee’s experience and where the survey fits into it. When someone navigates to your booking page and picks a time to meet, an automated confirmation email arrives. The email includes all of their booking details and you have the option of sending additional reminder emails to make sure that they show up on time. Once the meeting is completed, our app will send a signal to Zapier that triggers a follow-up email, requesting that they fill out a quick survey. It’s that simple.

The solution outlined in this article is based on three apps: Appointlet, Zapier, and SurveyGizmo. We tested several options and went with SurveyGizmo because of their clean user interface. The custom form builder was easy to use and their data visualization tools make it easy to scan quantitative feedback like Net Promoter Scores. Any time you generate a questionnaire in SurveyGizmo, a shareable link is generated so you can copy and paste it into Zapier’s automated email service. Finally, all of the attendees’ survey responses are stored in a secure database.

Familiar with SurveyGizmo and prefer an alternative? Viral marketer Neil Patel increased lead capture by 500% with surveys hosted by LeadQuizzes. They do have a working Zapier endpoint, which means you can use the same method described in this article with LeadQuizzes in place of SurveyGizmo.

When a booking is completed in Appointlet, Zapier sends out a meeting survey email

Setting up your Feedback Survey with SurveyGizmo

If this sounds like a fit for your company and you’re ready to get started, the first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for a free SurveyGizmo account. As a logged in user, you will have the option to create a new survey from the home screen.

SurveyGizmo’s dashboard gives you quick visibility on your existing survey responses

Follow-up surveys of this kind usually include an NPS (net promoter score) so the attendee can rate their experience from 1 to 10. We recommend going a step further and offering text areas to gather detailed insights on what did or did not go well during the meeting. As you build out your form, try to keep the content lean. If you ask for too much information, people are likely to bail. Here is a screenshot of the format we recommend:

Your survey can include NPS and text areas for positive or negative reviews

With your survey completed and saved, you can copy the URL and paste it into your email campaign. From the home page, scroll over the survey that you want to access and click on the “share” link that appears.

Copy the link to your clipboard and you’re done:

With this URL stored, you can migrate to Zapier, where we will set up the email automation.

Connecting Appointlet to SurveyGizmo with Zapier

To send a survey each time someone completes a meeting, you’ll need to set up the correct triggers and actions in Zapier. We will be using a technique called Delay Until so that emails only go out after a meeting is complete:

Use New Booking or your final Reminder trigger to grab the End Time for Delay Until

Zapier’s delay action will wait until the End Time has been reached and then fire the final action using their native email service. The action should be set to Send Outbound Email and in the customization section you can plug in your Appointlet booking data. As you can see below, the attendee’s email address and first name can be used to personalize the message. The body of the email should invite them to participate in a brief survey and include the link to your SurveyGizmo questionnaire.

Note: If your company books meetings more than one month in advance, you cannot use the new booking trigger. Instead, you will need to turn on email reminders in Appointlet. Then in Zapier, assign the trigger to your final reminder event. As long as your final reminder goes out less than thirty days prior to the meeting (which it always should), then you can use that trigger to grab the same End Datetime property.

Generate reports that measure customer satisfaction

With Zapier’s email automation turned on and your SurveyGizmo form activated, you’re ready to start running some tests. Open your Appointlet booking page and schedule a same-day meeting with your organization to expedite the testing process. Once the scheduled meeting has passed, a post-meeting email will arrive in the attendee’s email inbox. Click on the survey link inside, fill it out and save your response. From the SurveyGizmo dashboard, you should be able to refresh the screen and view your survey response:

As a manager you have the option to create new reports and review existing ones. Over time these reports will help you to track changes in voice of customer data. If your survey responses were consistently negative on a topic and your team made improvements, survey reports will measure the effectiveness of those changes. Be sure to check out SurveyGizmo’s pie charts and keyword aggregation if you’re collecting multiple choice responses. Their data visualization can make it easier to scan feedback quickly:

Example of pie chart visualization offered by Survey Gizmo

Depending on your company’s total meeting volume, it could make sense to generate new reports bi-weekly or monthly. Mid-sized companies are advised to have a customer support manager review the survey responses daily and look for leading indicators of poor customer health. The sooner you follow up with frustrated customers and console them, the better chance you have of retaining them.

Follow-up surveys will help to prevent customer churn and plug up some of the holes in your marketing funnel. You’ll get nuanced insights from this feedback that help you understand whether your sales team is underperforming or if customers prefer a different demo format. These kind of details can be difficult to capture during a sales or support call. That’s why we suggest that signing up for a survey app and connecting with your attendees at a deeper level — you’d be amazed by how much you can learn from their feedback!


Ezra Sandzer-Bell