Sales Email Subject Lines: How to Increase Your Click Through Rate

If you caught last month’s sales email templates article at ActiveCampaign, you’ll know we focused on how to write email bodies for clients and prospects. To provide a balanced perspective, we partnered with Daniella Alscher, a G2 Content Marketing Associate, to learn more about writing the best sales email subject lines. She is the author (click to read more)


Facebook Appointments: Scheduling with Multiple Calendars

Appointments on Facebook is an online scheduling tool that lets customers book time with a Facebook business page like yours. Designed for solo consultants and small companies, the app asks you to define a weekly schedule, and in turn, provides you with a single calendar to manage your appointments. But many companies have more than (click to read more)


Twitter marketing tips to make client scheduling easier

Marketing on Twitter can be a powerful way to build your brand and connect with potential clients. But there’s a catch — the platform moves quickly and tweets can get lost in the noise. So when someone sees your message, their motivation to schedule a time may drop rapidly if there’s no clear call to (click to read more)


Collect meeting feedback with a follow-up from Delighted

There are several reasons to collect meeting feedback with Appointlet, ranging from improved customer support to product marketing research. When attendees vent frustrations about a meeting, your support team can be notified to step in. On the other hand, positive feedback can help to boost team morale. Your marketing team can use this voice of (click to read more)


GCLID: Track Google Ads through an Online Scheduler to a CRM

Marketers use Adwords every day to host, monitor and improve upon their Google Ads. Changing a single word can be enough to transform a failing campaign to a successful one. That’s why A/B testing and click tracking are so essential. When the tone is right, these ads will attract the highest quality prospects, leading to (click to read more)


Building a high ticket sales funnel with online scheduling

Wondering how online scheduling can help you bring more prospects into your sales funnel and convert qualified leads into paying customers? If so you’re in luck — this article will reveal three core concepts: How to advertise your sales calls to attract qualified prospects Where to position you scheduler in the sales funnel for high (click to read more)


Take meeting notes across the customer lifecycle with a CRM

Ever been in a meeting without a notepad and assumed that you would remember all the details, only to forget some key piece of information later on? Maybe you took good meeting notes but lost the slip of paper. It can be embarrassing to follow up with customers and ask the same thing twice. That’s (click to read more)


Send a meeting invitation FAST with live chat widgets and SMS

Customers love it when you make online scheduling easy for them. That’s why so many companies are setting up booking pages to automate the process. But to really optimize your scheduling flow, you’ll need to think about how to drive customers to book with you in the first place. In this article we’ll review some (click to read more)


Schedule sales demos online to grow your mailing list

Looking for new ways to engage your audience and grow your mailing list with sales demos? Whether signups are slow or campaigns have been underperforming, one of the best ways to boost subscriptions is with a customer-first approach. Too many websites ask visitors for contact info without offering anything in return. Don’t be one of (click to read more)


Appointlet’s Chrome Extension for Appointment Scheduling

Have you ever wished that it was easier to access your booking links?   If so, you’re in luck. We’ve just published this extension for Google Chrome, granting you instant access to your meeting links! 🎉 Grab and share booking links in no timeWhen reaching out to a customer in Chrome, you can now use the (click to read more)