Send a meeting invitation FAST with live chat widgets and SMS

Customers love it when you make online scheduling easy for them. That’s why so many companies are setting up booking pages to automate the process. But to really optimize your scheduling flow, you’ll need to think about how to drive customers to book with you in the first place. In this article we’ll review some (click to read more)


Schedule sales demos online to grow your mailing list

Looking for new ways to engage your audience and grow your mailing list with sales demos? Whether signups are slow or campaigns have been underperforming, one of the best ways to boost subscriptions is with a customer-first approach. Too many websites ask visitors for contact info without offering anything in return. Don’t be one of (click to read more)


Appointlet’s Chrome Extension for Appointment Scheduling

Have you ever wished that it was easier to access your booking links?   If so, you’re in luck. We’ve just published this extension for Google Chrome, granting you instant access to your meeting links! 🎉 Grab and share booking links in no timeWhen reaching out to a customer in Chrome, you can now use the (click to read more)


Where to Position your Book Now button on a website

It takes a lot to drive visitors to your website. People who do arrive reportedly spend 6-8 seconds deciding whether to stick around, so it’s critical that you create a strong positive impression while inside that window. When you get it right, your sales funnel is likely to see a significant boost in traffic. This (click to read more)


Optimize your Lead Nurturing Process with Appointlet

People say talk is cheap, but when it comes to lead nurturing, the cost of conversations with prospects can add up quickly. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to automate the onboarding process, saving your sales team time and lowering your customer acquisition costs.  We’ll be focusing on the value of automated scheduling as part (click to read more)


Email Etiquette: What to say when sharing your Appointlet Link

Scheduling a time to meet with clients can be frustrating, due to the high volume of back-and-forth emails required. Appointlet solves this problem with an automated, customer-friendly booking page. You can now communicate your availability with a single hyperlink, so it’s important that your email is well written and easy to understand. Tip #1: Know (click to read more)


Help Desks: Be lazy and productive at the same time with Autofilled Forms

Organizations often set up help desk representatives to schedule meetings on behalf of their clients. If the help desk’s browser has autofill turned off, they will have to enter client information manually each time they book. What a drag! With autofill turned on, your booking data will be stored and accessible. The next time that (click to read more)


It’s a party: Invite unlimited admin users for FREE!

It’s a new year – what better way to celebrate it than with your friends and coworkers? With Appointlet’s Team Access feature, account owners can invite an unlimited number of users for free. Woohoo! Once you’ve invited users to your account, they will be able to log in to the dashboard. With the modify settings property, (click to read more)


Google Calendar Essentials: Separate work & personal schedules

This article is intended for Appointlet users with a Google Calendar integration.  Do you have a Google Calendar connected to your Appointlet account? If so, you may be wondering how to separate your work schedule from other events on your calendar. While there is more than one way to do it, the best technique is (click to read more)


Seven great places to share your booking link for better engagement

We’ve all heard the expression “Seek and ye shall find”. When it comes to getting more bookings, you need to seek out and engage your audience across as many platforms as possible. This ensures that client prospects can easily access your services. If you are only sharing your booking link in one or two places, a (click to read more)