Introducing your new Bookings Dashboard!

Appointlet has always made it easy to view your bookings in your calendar, but what if you just want an easy place to go to view and manage all of your bookings? Today we’re thrilled to announce your brand new dashboard which will let you view, filter, export and manage all of your bookings all (click to read more)


How Appointlet helped drive 100% More Sales

Success! On September 10th, I launched an email campaign targeting employees of large public organizations. In 17 days, I have booked 207 one-on-one appointments for just one of my partners who works in the life insurance and annuities industry. The average number of appointments scheduled in this field is about 1 per week. Our success (click to read more)


How Colibri Digital Marketing Uses Appointlet to Grow their Business

Are you looking for an online scheduling app? Appointlet is a great option to consider if you want a simple and effective solution and are tired of wading through all the options. I’ll admit, I’m biased. I’ve been using Appointlet for over two years and I am a huge fan. As a small business owner, (click to read more)


We bring you…. Conferencing!

Welcome to the new blog! In an effort to find ways to improve your Appointlet experience, we’re relaunching our blog!  You now have a great spot to come see what’s going on, what has recently come up, and any other cool news, stories, tips & tricks. ….  on to even cooler news: